Christian Devotional – April 9, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 99

Praise the Lord. Read Revelation 19-20.

God is worthy of praise. As we come toward the end of our journey through a 100 days of The Bible, we see that it is all about praising the Lord. God is reigning supreme and he is over everything and will be shown victorious. He is worthy of our praise.

What does praise it look like for us on a daily basis? Do we lift up and praise God every single day or do we only think about that when something extraordinarily positive happens? Do we recognize God’s influence in the moment by moment? Do we recognize God’s holiness even in the difficult situations and not just in this situations that make us happy? Are we praising God through every aspect in every area of our life? He deserves it! He is worthy of it! Make today a day of praise.

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