Christian Devotional – August 11, 2019

God recognizes repentance. Yesterday we saw how Ahab responded to the judgment of God. Today we see how God responds to true repentance. God made the decision to delay the judgment that he was going to bring.

Then the word of the Lord came to Elijah the Tishbite, saying, “Do you see how Ahab has humbled himself before Me? Because he has humbled himself before Me, I will not bring the evil in his days, but I will bring the evil upon his house in his son’s days.”
1 Kings 21:28‭-‬29 NASB

God still spoke through Elijah and no matter how much this pause on the judgment of Ahab might have been a frustration to Elijah, he never let it show. God is the one who does judgment and He can be the one who delays it. It is entirely up to God.

When we see God’s judgment, do we repent? Are we willing to humble ourselves and accept his Lordship? Then, when God delays judgment on us and we are grateful and relieved, do we respond the same way when God delays judgment on others. It is important to understand that God is ultimately the one who makes the decisions about this and we are to trust Him and humble ourselves before Him. Does that describe us today?

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