Christian Devotional – August 15, 2013


Jeremiah 47:6–Alas, sword of the Lord, how long till you rest? Return to your sheath; rest and be still.


Even as he was prophesying judgment against the Philistines, Jeremiah was still praying for them and interceding to God for them. Jeremiah knew God’s truth and the importance of the truth that he was sharing, but he also felt compassion for them and was praying that the judgments for sin would be short and simple. Do we pray for God’s mercy to be shown in every situation?


Father God, I don’t feel much compassion or desire for mercy today. I confess to You that is wrong. Please forgive me, cleanse me, and restore me. Create in me a clean heart that is a reflection of Your heart. Give me the strength to stand on the truth of Your Word while displaying the grace and mercy of Your heart.

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