Christian Devotional – August 16, 2021

The Gospels through the Summer, Day 81

Jesus sents the example and the standard. Read John 13.

As Jesus was conducting the the passover with his disciples, Jesus demonstrates to them the essence of leadership. Servant leadership. Jesus, who acknowledges that he is their leader and teacher, explains to them that they must serve others. Jesus himself serves them and then says that a servant is not greater than his master.

Jesus goes on to explain love. We are to love the people we are around the way that Jesus loves them. We are not to love people based on our understanding of what love is or based on our opinion is of what love should be. We are to love people based on the love of Jesus Christ. He is the one who defines love and what it means.

Do we love other people the way that Jesus loves them? Do we share with them the truth and do we demonstrate the light of Jesus Christ through his love?

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