Christian Devotional – August 2, 2022

Teaching and Training, Day 21

Christ’s teaching. Paul takes a moment to reiterate his qualifications for being able to lead and teach. Read 2 Timothy 1:11-14.

As we seek to understand all that Paul wanted to teach Timothy as he trained him up in the faith, we must understand what gives Paul the right to be the teacher in the first place. Ultimately, Christ is the teacher we should be following. Paul wants to make that very clear and as he speaks to Timothy, he explains all the reasons why he (Paul) is ultimately pointing him to Christ. Paul tells Timothy to follow him because he is following Christ.

Would we be willing to give ourselves as an example to others of what it means to follow Christ? Are we pointing others to Christ through the things that we teach and how we train others? Only Christ can teach and train in the truth and we are to continue to point people more and more to Him everyday.