Christian Devotional – August 21, 2014

Read 3 John


3 John 7–It was for the sake of the Name that they went out, receiving no help from the pagans.


When we are going about the work that God has provided for us to do, those who didn’t believe in God will not understand and not be of help. We shouldn’t expect them to be. When we are following God, we should expect to receive help from God. Others who believe in God and are following God will also be able to help us, but unless the person has that understanding of why we are going about doing the work of God in the first place, they will not truly be able to help us or direct us and may, in fact, get in our way. Who are we asking for help as we seek to do the work God has for us to do?


Father, I will follow You and do all that You desire, knowing that the strength and help to do those things comes from You. I will not look for help from others who don’t know You because they don’t understand why I am doing Your work. You are the One I will follow and from You, I will receive help.