Christian Devotional – August 27, 2015

Read Luke chapter 21


Luke 21:4–“All these people gave their gifts our of their wealth, but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”


Whether we consider ourselves to have riches or poverty, the question is the same: Do we trust God with everything we have? When we take a look at what financial resources and material good we have, do we trust in those things stored up in our houses, or do we trust in God’s hand to provide for us. If God asked us to give all that we have, would we do so immediately and joyfully?


Father, I love You and I will give all I have to You so that if You ask me to give something to someone else, I will be able to do it immediately and joyfully, knowing that it belongs to You anyway. I trust You to do all that You need to do through me and for me, for You know my needs better than I know them myself.

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