Christian Devotional – August 30, 2016

Read 2 Kings chapter 11


2 Kings 11:8–Station yourselves around the king, each of you with a weapon in hand. Anyone who approaches your ranks is o be put to death. Stay close to the king wherever he goes.


This illustrates such a great point. Often in our lives we will have other things that are trying to be the “king” of our life. Money, fame, possessions, family, and power are all examples of things that try to take over. Each and every day we have to make the choice to place Jesus Christ in the position of King of our life. However, most of us stop there. We don’t take steps to safe-guard that spot and we leave ourselves vulnerable to attack by all these other things that are trying to overthrow Jesus for our focus and attention. In this chapter, we see then looking to place the rightful king on the throne, but they go even father to secure and fortify his position so that there can’t be any sneak attacks by the enemy seeking to overthrow the king. Are we fortifying our positions and making sure that we’re not just placing Jesus on the throne of our hearts, but ensuring that other temptations don’t have room to sneak back in and steal back the top spot?


Father, My heart belongs to You. You are the only One that I seek and Yours is the only leadership I desire. I will block every effort of the enemy to steal back the top spot of focus in my heart and mind. I belong to You and You are welcome to do with me exactly as You please.