Christian Devotional – August 31, 2021

Esther, Day 7

Do we get what we deserve? Read Esther 7.

Some people call it karma, but I don’t believe in karma. My God is bigger than our understanding of karma. However, God is also just and he understands and recognizes the importance of justice in the world. The question is, do we get what we deserve?? Most of us would not really want what we deserve since we know that we are all sinners and truly what we all deserve is death. Still, our sense of moral Justice is bothered when we see difficult and dangerous situations that result in people getting something good when we feel they should get something bad.

In this story, we see that Haman, who has been plotting and planning and striving to do all kinds of terrible things, he ends up being the one who is destroyed. He’s the one that dies on the very method by which he planned to kill Mordecai. God knows and understands our hearts and our desires, and he recognizes when we need to be able to move forward and when not to move forward. God can move any obstacle it’s in our way and he can write any wrong even when it seems completely impossible. Do we trust in God for the seemingly impossible tasks ahead of us? Do we trust in God for the tiny little miniscule concerns in our everyday life? God wants all of those. God wants to help us throw an allowance to lean on him and surrendered to him in every area of our life. Retrust that God will make things right, the way he believes they should be right, in the end?

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