Christian Devotional – September 1, 2023

The Coming Savior, Day 40

The Lord comes. Read Exodus chapter 40.

The work is finally completed. Moses puts everything together. Now, the glory of the Lord comes. That which we have waiting been waiting for through the entire book of Exodus, we finally see happen. God comes down in the midst of the people of Israel. This is a picture of what ultimately came with Jesus when he came and lived among us. This is also a picture of what will ultimately happen when Christ comes again in victory to unite those who follow him with his glory forever.

The people made all of the preparations and followed all of the instructions without truly understanding what the end result would look like. They just knew that they wanted God with them and so they followed his commands.

For us, we have the benefit of having seen 2 out of 3 of the events witnessed in history. We have this account in Exodus of God coming and dwelling in the tabarticle. We have the recorded account of Jesus Christ living among us and his sacrifice on the cross and then being raised again from the dead. We are waiting for the final return of Christ.

We can gain confidence from these previous pictures to recognize that God’s coming is assured, it’s only a matter of time. Are we being obedient to do all that the Lord has commanded us, just like Moses, while we wait until God’s perfect timing and his return?