Christian Devotional – August 31, 2023

The Coming Savior, Day 39

Completion. Read Exodus chapter 39.

All the work that the israelites had done under the Lord’s direction in order to create the place of worship and meeting with the lord, the tabernacle, was complete. God had given direction through every step of the process and the people had followed his direction. God provided those with special talents and gifts to be able to use those in order to create what he wanted created.

God is no stranger to creation. After all, he had created the entire universe in just 6 days. However, this time God chose to use people as part of the creation process. God wanted to collaborate together in order to allow us the opportunity to be a part of the creation process with him.

Many times as we go through our lives, we see this exact same thing. God is doing amazing and wonderful things and he allows us the opportunity to be a part of that process so that we can learn and grow and praise him even more. When we take a look at the things going on in our lives, what things is God creating that he has asked us to be a part of? Make no mistake, God could do it himself just like he did originally in creation, but he is allowing us the opportunity to be part of it. What things can we praise God through helping him to create today?