Christian Devotional – August 9, 2021

The Gospels through the Summer, Day 74

Are we doing the work of God? Read John 6.

There may be a lot of thoughts about what exactly it means to do God’s work. Despite all our preconceived ideas, Jesus clearly states that he is going to be about doing God’s work and that means believing in the One that God sent. We may wonder what our purpose is. We may question what we are supposed to be doing. We may have difficulty understanding the plans. We may even look at our lives and feel that we have wasted time or trusted the wrong people or situations. We may feel lied to and betrayed. But when we take all the things that go on in life and we set them aside, truly our work is to believe in the one who was sent. Our faith and trust is in Jesus Christ because that is how we do God’s work.

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