Christian Devotional – December 19, 2018

Ever make a rash promise? Ever say something that, looking back, you wish you would have said differently (or not said at all)? Joseph’s brothers felt that way. They were stopped by Joseph’s servant and accused of stealing. Read Genesis 44:7-11.

With whomever of your servants it is found, let him die, and we also will be my Lord’s slaves.”
Genesis 44:9 NASB

They were so confident that they did not have the cup. They hopped down, opened up their bags and let the servant look. We’ll see what was discovered next, but here we see the overwhelming confidence that the brothers have. Obviously they have not checked their own sacks or else they would have noticed these things already. Yet they confidently proclaim their innocence and suggest death if they are wrong.

Do we go to rash extremes with what we say? Do we make promises that we haven’t really confirmed? We must speak the truth, but we must be willing to admit when we might not have all the answers. 

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