Christian Devotional – December 21, 2018

The moment of truth. There often comes that one decision where it seems everything boils down to how we respond in that moment. Joseph had planned it, and now his brothers are faced with it. Read Genesis 44:12-17

But he said, “Far be it from me to do this. The man in whose possession the cup has been found, he shall be my slave; but as for you, go up in peace to your father.”
Genesis 44:17 NASB

Benjamin had been treated as the favorite. He had gotten special things that the other brothers did not. Now, Joseph is offering them the chance to see Benjamin “get what’s coming to him.” What will they do? How will they respond? 

When we get faced with these difficult decisions, how do we respond? Do we plan what we will say when we know temptation is coming? Or do we cave in and fall? We will all face that moment at some point. The question is whether we will be ready for it?

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