Christian Devotional – December 2, 2016

Read Job chapter 19


Job 19:25–I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.


Job, even after all he had been through, was able to confidently make this statement. He knew that his redeemer lives. He knew that in the end, God is victorious and God will stand in victory over everything in this world. Even with all that he was going through and experiencing, this is the true definition of hope. Despite all that Job saw and experience, he had a firm confidence that what God had promised would be what God did. He knew it and his hope was in God. No matter what we are experiencing, we can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus Christ lives, He is our redeemer, and He is truly victorious.


Father, I praise You and I am in awe of You. You are victorious and You are overall absolutely everything that is in this world. No matter what I am going through, You live. No matter my experience every day, You will stand victorious. I will follow You.

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