Christian Devotional – December 28, 2018

Word has spread! Joseph’s brothers are here! The Egyptians see and hear all that has happened and now even the Pharaoh tells Joseph that he must invite them all to live here in Egypt. Read Genesis 45:16-24.

So he sent his brothers away, and as they departed, he said to them, “Do not quarrel on the journey.”
Genesis 45:24 NASB

So Joseph sends them back to get Jacob and the rest of the family. Then he gives them this interesting command. No fighting or arguing. That’s a long trip and they have gone through a lot and they shouldn’t fight or argue about what is going on.

How often do we need to be reminded of this? We don’t need to fight or argue about the situations we go through. We don’t need to rehash what has gone on, we just simply need to get busy doing what we know to do. Stop reliving the past. Stop dwelling on the mistakes. Stop trying to assign blame and guilt. Move on and get busy doing the work that God has for us to do.

What has God called you to do? Are you doing it? Stop arguing and get busy.

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