Christian Devotional – December 30, 2016

Read Job chapter 41


Job 41:11–Who has a claim against me that I must pay. Everything under heaven belongs to me.


God doesn’t owe us anything. There’s nothing we can go to God with and say, “Hey, You owe me this.” Everything under heaven is owned by God. He is the One who has all things and anything that we have access to in our life is simply a blessing that He has allowed us to use for the time being. Do we look at our lives and our things with this knowledge. Or, do we start to think that because of what we’ve done or not done, we’re somehow entitled to rewards from God. When we start to think that we’re entitled, we lose sight of who God is compared to who we are.


Father, I am not entitled to anything. You are the only One who owns anything and You do not owe me anything. I thank You for all that You have allowed me to use while I am here. I pray that You will continue to allow me to glorify You by whatever means You choose.

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