Christian Devotional – December 4, 2018

What do you value? What you value is generally readily apparent when talking about plans or ideas. Our values influence and direct what we think and do. Jacob and his sons had a dilemma, how to get their brother Simeon back without losing Benjamin. Reuben had a plan. Read Genesis 42:29-38.

Then Reuben spoke to his father, saying, “You may put my two sons to death if I do not bring him back to you; put him in my care, and I will return him to you.”
Genesis 42:37 NASB

Jacob dismissed his plan and refused to leave Benjamin in his care. Why? Reuben’s plan show very clearly that he doesn’t value life. If he would so readily sacrifice his own sons, how could Jacob truly trust that Reuben would value Benjamin’s life?

What do we value? How does that influence and direct what we do? Our values must be in line with what God values as everything else comes from that. Do we value what God values?

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