Christian Devotional – December 6, 2017

Who knows us best? Often we may have a friend or two that seem to know us really well. We may even think that we know ourselves best. However, God knows us even better than that. He knows and understands us better than we know ourselves. Reading through Luke 2:1-40 we see the birth of Jesus told. God revealed to several people exactly who Jesus was without going through Mary and Joseph. In fact, often Mary and Joseph were surprised by how others responded to the baby.

And His father and mother were amazed at the things which were being said about Him.
Luke 2:33 NASB

People kept coming up, knowing that this child represented God’s plan of salvation. Do we recognize that God knows us better than anyone or anything? He has the right to bring into our path anyone He chooses, knowing that He knows what will be best and give Him the most glory.

Do we trust in what God has said and done in our lives? It may not make sense to us, but He knows us better than we know ourselves and we can trust Him.

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