Christian Devotional – February 14, 2017

Ezekiel chapter 11 is a chapter of 2 extremes. First we see the judgment and destruction of the leaders who have been leading Israel astray. Then we see God’s promise to restore the people and return to them.

We know that God is both judgment and mercy, yet we have difficulty reconciling that in our mind. How can the God who is so holy allow mercy and restore people? How can a God who is so loving allow such destruction?

Since God is both and does not contradict Himself, we must come to the place where we accept that it is possible to be both. It is possible to love people completely and still judge absolutely. When we accept the holiness of God, we gain a greater understanding of the depth of the love and mercy of God. They go together and we cannot separate them and still have a full understanding of who God is.

Do we see God’s holiness in our lives today? Are we exalting it? Do we see God’s love in our lives today? Are we living in it?