Christian Devotional – February 13, 2017

As I was reading Ezekiel chapter 10, I was struck with what a sad, depressing chapter this is. How sad that the people of Israel had come to the place where they were so caught up in their sin that God removed his glory from among the. God left. God cannot be together with sin. God is a holy and righteous God. He provides mercy through Jesus Christ for those who will accept it, but when people reject the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ, they should not expect to remain in the presence of the glory of God.

Where are we at? Do we acknowledge the glory of God and repent from our own short-comings? God is holy and if we are not seeking after His glory, then He will leave us to ourselves. What a sad and dismal state to find ourselves in! O Lord, please show me Your glory and allow me to see Your face. Forgive me and cleanse me from all that isn’t a true reflection of You through Jesus Christ!

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