Christian Devotional – February 14, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 45

Happy Valentine’s Day to those celebrating in the US. Since this day is often dedicated to celebrating the love in our life, this verse seemed fitting. Our reading today is all about proverbs and wisdom. Read Proverbs 16-18.

Solomon had lots of wisdom that God had given him, based on his request. Solomon shared that wisdom in these bite-sized nuggets that we can learn and practice. He had advice about every area of life including love and money and jobs, etc. These verses are great to keep and reread oftwn as you make decisions every day.

So how does this verse and Valentine’s Day go together? Often people get stuck in the idea that love is only the passionate emotion and they make their decisions based on that. Instead, we must recognize that God is the one who brings people together. God is the one who has laid out the best plan of who should be our spouse and the love of our life. Our fleeting passion is not what should be making those types of decisions. Are we seeking God in every decision of our life? Do we listen and wait on Him and His timing?

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