Christian Devotional – February 15, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 46

Suffering. None of us like it or look forward to it. Often we are actively trying to avoid it. Yet Jesus Christ sought it out as the way to serve and to bring salvation. Read Isaiah 51-53.

Jesus was known as the suffering servant. He came to bring us light, hope, and salvation. The way he did that was through his own sacrifice.

We will be called to suffer. If Jesus had to learn and share through suffering, we are no different. As we go through struggles and trials, we know that God demonstrates his power and glory. That is what others need to see. Our suffering and trials speak louder to others who are hurting than our successes. They long to see that through God, we can make it. Are we trusting and relying on God through the inevitable struggles we will face today?

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