Christian Devotional – February 17, 2023

The God who Hears, Day 47

David had been kicked out of his kingdom. Read 2 Samuel chapter 16.

As David’s son Absalom had staged a coup and tried to take over, David fled from his home. As he is leaving some of the people start to curse him. David, instead of telling them to be quiet, accepts what they are saying and just continues on. Why? He makes this statement in the verse today.

David understood that truly blessings and curses only come from God. If God was choosing to curse him, then so be it. But if God decided to bless him through this trial, then God would do that. It made no difference what the people around thought.

Are we that focused on what God is doing and what he says to us that we are willing to ignore everyone else and only focus on Him? Do we recognize that God is the only one who blesses, and he is the only one who curses? We can truly ignore all others because it is only God’s opinion that matters.