Christian Devotional – February 19, 2017

Are there falso prophets in your life? Are you one of them? Ezekiel chapter 13 speaks about false prophets. First it deals with the men who are false prophets and second it deals with women who are false prophets.

As I read through the list and understand better about what it means to be a false prophet and then judgment that’s waiting for those, I find myself struck by verse 6. In it I see how a false prophet is understanding lie and sharing a lie. However, it’s a lie that they desperately want to be true. So, they share the lie as much as possible hoping it will become true.

How often have I done that? Wanted something to be true so badly that I was willing to pretend it was true and act like it was true just on the hopes that it would be come true. If it’s false prophet is someone who shares a word that is not from God, then this is the very definition of being a false prophet.

I need to hear from God. I need to only share what I hear from God. We need to hear from God. We only need to share what we hear from God. Are we part of the problem of sharing lies as if we were a false prophet? God will not stand for someone sharing something in his name that is not from him. Ezekiel chapter 13 shows that very clearly. What are we going to share with others today?

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