Christian Devotional – February 23, 2014

Read Song of Song chapter 1


Song of Songs 1:2–Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth–for your love is more delightful than wine.


The beautiful love that is discussed through these verses and the entire book of Song of Songs shows the passion and physical love that God designed to be shared between a husband and wife. This passion and love is more delightful than any other pleasure which God created, which is why Satan so loves to distort and pervert it through the rest of the world. Do we honor God’s view of physical love? Do we embrace the truth that physical love is to be fully and completely enjoyed between one man and one woman who have been joined in marriage for a lifetime? This is designed to be more delightful than any other pleasure that God has created here on earth.


Father, Your creation of passion and physical love is a wonderful gift meant to be shared in the way You created. Forgive me for believing the lies of the devil about what physical love is or how that love is shown. You are the creator of love and only through You and according to You can we fully enjoy it as You intended.

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