Christian Devotional – February 25, 2014

Read Song of Songs chapter 3


Song of Songs 3:3–The watchmen found me as they made their rounds in the city. “Have you seen the one my heart loves?”


She is searching for her beloved. She has single-minded focus. She looks everywhere and even asks others to help her. Do we have that level of single-minded focus regarding the one whom we love and call husband (or wife)? Are we longing to be close to that person? Do others see and know of our devotion to that person? This is not about some affair or a fling, this is her attitude and response toward the one that she has committed herself to through marriage for life. Do we view marriage as having and maintaining this level of passion and intimacy?


Father, You truly are a wonderful Father to allow us to experience this kind of deep, abiding love with another person. I pray that my heart will be focused on You first, and then on my husband next. You are the Creator of such love and I want to glorify You in my relationship with my husband so that others know and can see my commitment, love, and devotion to him.

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