Christian Devotional – February 5, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 36

David sinned. Guess what, we all sin. None of us are perfect. The question isn’t if or when we will sin. The question is how will we respond once weare confronted with our sin? Read 2 Samuel 11:1-12:25.

David was a man who sought after God. David loved God, but David wasn’t perfect. David still sinned, and these chapters record that sin. The interesting thing here is not that David sinned, because we are all sinners and we will all sin. The interesting thing is how David responds when he is confronted with his sin. He immediately repented. He immediately sought after God. David sought to make it right.

We are all going to sin and we all have sinned. However, once we recognize our sin, how do we respond? Do we come to God immediately and repent and request his forgiveness and his cleansing? Or, do we make excuses for it or try to hide it. God knows our sin. God sees our shortcomings. The sooner we recognize God’s lordship in our life and repent, the sooner God can cleanse us and use us again for his glory. How will we respond today?