Christian Devotional – Feburary 4, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 35

What are we attempting to do for God? If we say we love God, how are we demonstrating our love to him? For king David, he wanted to build a house for the Lord to show his love. Read 2 Samuel 5-7.

God had established David as the king over the land. Now, David is looking around himself and realizes that God has given him so much and he is so incredibly thankful. The question then becomes, what can David do for God? While God didn’t allow David to be the one to build a house for him, God loved and appreciated that David was thinking about him and thinking of ways that he could demonstrate his love and obedience to God.

God loves us and has done amazing and wonderful things for us. So, how are we demonstrating our love for him? What are some things that we are looking to do around us that would demonstrate to the world our love for God? In what way do we seek to make our love tangible for not only others to see, but also for us to see and understand our love for God better through action?

As we look around our life today, we need to understand the ways that we can show God our love for him. What does that look like in our life today?

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