Christian Devotional – February 8, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 39

Ever felt like you’ve done everything right and yet are still alone? Most of us have at some point. Elijah explains how it feels and has real conversations with God about how he is doing and what he feels. And God answers him back. Read 1 Kings 16:28-19:18.

As followers of Christ, it’s not uncommon to think that we will feel alone. In a world full of people who do not follow Christ, our thoughts and our priorities will be very different from others. However, we are never alone. God is always with us. But even if we don’t think that’s enough, God reminds Elijah in this situation that there are 7000 other people in the same situation that he is, even though he feels alone.

The same is true for us. No matter what our circumstances, God is with us. Plus, there are always other people, even ones we don’t know, who still follow, worship, and love the same God that we do. You’re not alone. Satan uses this feeling as a trick to try to make us feel powerless. Don’t fall into his traps! We can continue to be obedient and God will always be with us!

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