Christian Devotional – January 12, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 12

Forgotten. Have you ever felt forgotten? Joseph did, and God was still with him. Read Genesis 39-41.

As we read the story we see how God was with Joseph through everything color even when it didn’t feel I get. Joseph felt forgotten. He was doing what you are supposed to be doing and yet difficulties and trials continue to come out him. Even when he thought he had hope that someone would remember him, they still forgot him.

I have felt forgotten many times in my life. People have promised me things or told me they would do thinks and then, nothing. This is especially true in my professional life where I have been promised more things than I can remember and yet, find myself looked over and passed over regularly.

Howdid Joseph respond? He didn’t just curl up and hide in prison. He continued to do what he coyld do and to demonstrate his love and commitment to God. God was still there, with him, through the trials. He is still with me, through my waiting. He is still with you through whatever you are going through. God’s truth for today is we don’t place our hope in other people to remember us, we place our hope in God who never leaves us in the first place.

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