Christian Devotional – January 13, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 13

Difficult family. Dealing with difficult family members this is not something that is new. Joseph had experienced a lot of problems dealing with his brothers, and now he’s in a position over them and he responds by being difficult back to them. Read Genesis 42:1-38.

Joseph had been mistreated by his brothers. He had been thrown into a pit and sold into slavery. Now his brothers are here are in need of Joseph’s help. Instead of telling them who he is and seeking to help them, Joseph starts by treating them harshly and hiding his identity. Joseph uses this is an opportunity to see whether or not they have changed.

When we find ourselves with people who have treated as badly in the past come or how do we respond? Do we try to get them back or test them to see if they have changed? Or, do I trust the Lord for their change and treat them in a way that God would want us to treat them?

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