Christian Devotional – January 18, 2014

Read Proverbs chapter 18


Proverbs 18:12–Before a downfall the heart is haughty, but humility comes before honor.


Most people I’ve ever met want to receive honor of some kind, yet most people are not willing to experience humility first. The Bible indicates that only by going through humility do we find the path that leads to honor. On the other hand, pride leads to a downfall and disgrace. As we look at the attitude of our own heart, which path do we find ourselves on? Are we prideful and headed for destruction or are we humble and headed for honor?


Father, You are very clear on what leads to honor. I desire to be an honor to You and will choose to walk in humility. Help me to see each day and each moment as an opportunity to be humble and show Your love and grace.

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