Christian Devotional – January 18, 2017

As we look again at Solomon today, we are looking at the same passage of scripture from 1 Kings chapter 3. As we see in the first several verses of the chapter, Solomon has been worshipping God and God comes to him and asks him a question that many of us wish God would ask us, “What do you want me to give you?”

We can think of many things that we might answer God with. We often use our prayer time to bombard God with a litany of requests. Solomon’s answer was very interesting. He asked for wisdom in governing people. He did not ask for wealth and power. He asked for wisdom. God was pleased with his request and gave him what he asked for, along with several things he did not ask for, including riches and power.

If God asked us that question would our response please Him? God then went on to tell Solomon that if he would follow and obey the Lord, then he would have a long life in addition to the things that God had already promised him. Solomon certainly came to God for help in accomplishing the purpose that God had given him. We also must come to God for help to do what He has asked of us. We will not be able to accomplish it on our own. Have we come to God to ask Him to help us with the very purpose He has given us?

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