Christian Devotional – January 18, 2023

The God who Hears, Day 17

First impressions. Read 1 Samuel chapter 17.

We read through the very familiar story of David and Goliath I’m struck by what I see in this verse. Goliath had a first impression of David. Goliath saw David and he was not thinking there was much there. David didn’t impress Goliath in any way. Yet Goliath soon learned very differently.

Impressions can be deceiving. We can never underestimate the possibilities when God is with someone. God plus anyone is an incredible force that cannot be overcome. No matter what impression we have of people, if God is with them, there’s nothing that they can’t do.

Don’t evaluate people based on what we see alone. Realize that with God anything is possible and our impression of people must be based on how God can move through them.