Christian Devotional – January 19, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 19

God’s judgment and God’s mercy can often be seen in the same event. The Passover is one example of that. Read Exodus 12:1-42.

God poured out his judgment on the Egyptians. They felt and experienced God moving in their life and became of their disobedience, his moving brought judgment. The people of Israel also experienced God moving and working, but they were obedient, so they experienced mercy.

God is always moving and working in the world. How we experience his moving has more to do with our relationship with him than what he is doing. Do we see God’s movements as a judgment, then we need to look for the areas of disobedience in our life. Do we see God moving as grace and mercy, then we are experiencing God’s perfect plan for us.

How is God moving in your life today? More importantly, how are you experiencing his moving and what response to God do you need to have as a result?

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