Christian Devotional – January 20, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 20

God’s got this. As we look at our world and all the chaos that is going on, we can rest in the knowledge that God is in control. Read Exodus 13:17-14:31.

The Israelites have left Egypt but now the Egyptians have realized they didn’t want them to go. As the Egyptians are chasing them, the isrealites start to panic and wonder what are they going to do and why have they been put in this situation. They see no way out. However, God was not surprised by this situation, God had a plan, and God used his plan to glorify himself.

When we look at our world around us, every single day seems more crazy and chaotic and out of control than the day before. These last 12 months have absolutely rocked our world and changed much of what we do regularly in ways that will never go back. However, God is still in control. We may be facing personal situations or difficulties in life that make it a struggle every single day, but God is not surprised by that either. God is still in control.

Today we are in the midst of an interesting situation in the United States where we will see a transition of power from one president to the next. While there have been rumors of chaos and violence and protests, and as I write this we have yet to see what to day is actually going to bring. No matter what unfolds today, God is still in control. We don’t have to be fearful and we don’t have to worry, because we can trust in him to lead us out of the situations in exactly the right way that will bring him the most glory. Are we trusting in God? Do our actions and our attitudes reflect that trust in God?

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