Christian Devotional – January 24, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 24

Evidence and examples. We talk about our focus on God and our dedication to him, but what evidence are we leaving and what examples exist to share with the next generation? Read Joshua 3-4.

The Lord did another amazing miracle in their midst. Most of these people had not been alive when God brought them through the Red Sea, so now he repeated this miracle for them so they could experience it for themselves. They were then to take stones and set them up as a reminder to themselves and to the next generations of how God had worked and moved in their lives in that situation.

When we look at all of things God has done for us and the way he has worked in our lives, what reminders do we set up for ourselves? What legacy are we leaving for the next generation around us of how God has moved in our life? We have an obligation to share the message of the greatness and the glory of God. How are we doing that?

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