Christian Devotional – January 25, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 25

Has God ever asked you to do something weird? Something that seems completely off the wall or like it would never work? God did exactly that with Joshua and the Israelites when they went to defeat the city of Jericho. Read Joshua 5:13-6:27.

The whole plan seemed bizarre from the start. I’m Joshua had plenty of moments of doubt as he heard the angel of the Lord explain it. It seemed like it would never work. It seemed crazy. Yet Joshua followed the plan exactly and God did exactly what he said.

When God asks us to do the strange and unusual, and we do, God gets to display his power and glory. God is looking for our faith and obedience, not our skill and power. Will we have the faith to be obedient, even when it seems odd or strange? We will see God do amazing things in our life if we will just do what he tells us to do.

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