Christian Devotional – January 25, 2023

The God who Hears, Day 24

How do we treat those who treat us badly? Read 1 Samuel chapter 24.

David has been chased and attacked by Saul. David has done nothing to earn this type of treatment, but yet he finds himself as the object of Saul’s anger and aggression. David runs for his life and has been spending years in caves and hideouts trying to avoid Saul. So, how does David respond when Saul, who is hunting him, is vulnerable right in front of him? David spares him.

The way we treat our friends says a lot about us. But, the way we treat our enemies or those who have treated us badly, says even more. We are to allow God to address wrongdoings we have experienced from others. Ultimately, God is the one who is in charge of our reputation. We are not to be bothered with trying to defend our own ego. Our pride is what ultimately ends up telling us that we have to defend ourselves. Yet, God is all that we should take pride in. Would we have done what David did? Would we have had the courage to respond to his men the way the David responded? Will we continue to show God to each and every person, regardless of how they treat us.