Christian Devotional – January 27, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 27

Do we have a spiritual mentor? Who do we go to to check ourselves and ask questions and learn more about who God is and how God wants to work and move in our lives? Read Judges 4-5.

Deborah was the leader of Israel at this point. People from all over the country used her as their spiritual mentor. They came to her and asked questions and looked for guidance. She ultimately lead them to one of their greatest victories.

We need spiritual mentors. While it is true that we can learn everything we need to about God from his holy word, having other people that we can go to and ask questions and seek accountability can also be vitally important. When we look at our lives, who has been a spiritual mentor to us? Who has led us and challenged us and pushed us to know and understand God better? Make sure you take time to thank that person for how God has used them in your life.

Also, who are you being a mentor for? When you look at your life, who has God placed in your path that needs guidance and prompting from you? Are you making sure to pass on to others the spiritual truths that you have learned?

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