Christian Devotional – January 26, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 26

To obey or not to obey, that is the question. As the Israelites continue, they were not completely obedient to the Lord. As a result, as the years go by, many of the nations that would be a temptation and lead the Israelites astray were left in the country. Read Judges 2:6-3:6.

The Israelites got stuck in a pattern of disobedience, repentance, salvation, and more disobedient it. Unfortunately, they never made a commitment to the Lord that they would keep for years and years and through generations and generations.

However, we must understand that in the end, our decision to obey the Lord is truly a personal decision. We may decide to follow the Lord, but our children have to make their own decision. What are we teaching our children about why we follow the Lord? Do we help them understand not just why we follow him, but why they should follow him as well?

We must learn to teach and train up those that come after us so that they understand and commit to being obedient to the Lord for themselves. Each person must decide for themselves to follow the Lord. What have you decided for yourself?

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