Christian Devotional – January 29, 2014

Read Proverbs chapter 29


Proverbs 29:17–Discipline your children, and they will give you peace; they will bring you the delight you desire.


At times, as parents, it can be difficult to discipline our kids. We want them to be happy and seeing them upset when they don’t get what they want can be hard. However, that is only for the moment. In the long term, providing rules and enforcing them gives children a solid base and foundation they can build on in order to grow into the kind and considerate people that God desires them to be. We must help train them for people are not naturally that way. Are we willing to endure the difficulties so that they can learn and be better for it?


Father, You use all kinds of circumstances to teach me and the same is true for my kids. Help me to discipline them consistently so that they may learn to be the types of people You desire for them to be.

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