Christian Devotional – January 29, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 29

Pride is a very dangerous thing. Samson learned this the hard way. Read Judges 13-16.

Samson thought he had everything made. He was stronger than anyone, and he did whatever he liked, whenever he liked. God used him in amazing and awesome and wonderful ways to judge the Philistines and to help free the Israelites from their bondage.

However, Samson struggled with pride. He was stronger than anyone else and he knew it. He stopped relying on the Lord to fight his battles for him. This became such an issue that even when the Lord had left him, he didn’t realize it.

Do we rely on the Lord each day to do what we do? If the Lord wasn’t a part of our actions, would we even realize that or recognize a difference? If we can’t tell a difference between what we are doing and what the Lord is doing through us, then we need to realize that the Lord isn’t doing anything through us. God’s work through us always has an impact and is always bringing people to glorify him. Do we need to repent from being prideful today?

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