Christian Devotional – January 3, 3017

Today as we start on our journey to look at purpose, I decided to start back at the beginning. Take a few minutes and read Genesis chapters 1 and 2.

We see God, the One who has always existed and always been, and then we see that He gets busy creating. God is our Creator and He had purpose as He went through the steps to speak into existance everything that we see and don’t see around us. The Spirit of God hovered around and we see the Spirit of God moving directly with all that God has and is doing. In Genesis 1:26, God talks about the discussion that He had with Himself when we created man. He gave job to mankind to be a steward over all that He had just created. He created man and woman in the image and likeness of God. God blessed them, even as He gave them their commands and their purpose.

As we move into chapter 2, we see that God gets more specific into the purpose that Adam had. He was to start his stewardship of creation by giving names to everything. Names are so important to God and we can be assured that God knows each and every one of our names. Why else would God have given Adam that job first? The we see the crisis that Adam experiences. Well, actually, God sees the crisis and the problem first, before Adam even realizes it. God sets up a way for Adam to see and understand his need, but even before that God has already created a way to meet that need. Chapter 2, verse 18 shows where God understands a need that Adam had. God saw an opportunity to show Adam a need, then God showed Adam that there was nothing that Adam could do to meet that need on his own. Then, God met Adam”s need in a way that only God could do. And, God”s provision was perfect and exactly what Adam needed.

Four things that we can see and learn about our purpose from these chapters:

  1. God is perfect and has created us individually with purpose
  2. God knows all our abilities and recognizes our needs long before we will ever recognize a need
  3. God always has a plan to meet our needs and to provide for us exactly the right things/tools/people to be able to fulfill our purpose
  4. God will wait to provide us what we need until we come to an understanding that we have a need. He will allows us to go through circumstances where He is the only answer and we will turn to Him for that answer.

God has a plan and He has a purpose for us. Are we seeking for that or are we even looking for what God i trying to show us? Today, as we close, think back through all the opportunities that God has given us and how we have done on our own. We can know that God has answers for us, if we will just recognize that He is the only Onw who can truly provide the answer. Are we looking to Him for the answers of our life?

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