Christian Devotional – January 6, 2017

Yesterday we looked at what can happen when we lose our purpose. Today, we’ll continue by looking at what happens when we have to wait on our purpose. Read Luke 2:21-40.

As we read this, we see that there are two people who have been busy working to fulfill their purpose. Simeon knew that he was going to see the Christ, but he didn’t know when. He continues to wait and to serve and to do the things that he knew he was supposed to be doing. We often get angry when we feel like we know what we are supposed to be doing, but it’s not happening fast enough. I know that I often feel that once I know what the next step is, I should be doing that immediately. God is not always that way. He moves with certain timing and He desires to see things happen in a certain way. Sometimes we know what God is asking of us, but we must then wait on His timing. When we are waiting, are we patient? Do we display the characteristics of a follower of Jesus Christ while we are waiting? God often has just as much for us to learn while we are waiting as He has for us while we are doing. Our purpose is just as much about His timing and being dependant on Him for that as it is on he actual doing.

While we are learning and growing, we become better equiped to accomplish our purpose every day. Will we continue to be obedient in the waiting?

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