Christian Devotional – January 7, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 7

God made a promise, or a covenant with Abram. It was a fantastic, unbelievable kind of promise that Abram had no way of confirming that God would do it. Yet, even with such a great potential to doubt, Abram believed. Read Genesis 15.

Through this chapter, we see all that God does and has Abram do in order to demonstrate just how serious God was about fulfilling this promise. And even though it seemed completely crazy that it would be possible, Abram believed.

Do we believe God’s promises? Do we believe all of God’s promises, even the amazing and fantastic ones that we can’t begin to figure out how God will do them? Looking at our life, it can be hard to see past our limited vision and to only focus on the circumstances we can see. Instead, we need to focus on our God and the amazing power that He is. He will fulfill his promises to us. We can trust it and believe it and live our life every day in that confidence.

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