Christian Devotional – January 8, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 8

Trust during Trial. Abraham had his prayers answered and he had a son. Now it seemed that God was taking him away. Still, Abraham was obedient and he trusted God’s bigger plan so he was faithful during his trials. Read Genesis 21 snd 22.

Such rejoicing and happiness with the birth of Isaac, only to be met with being asked to sacrifice him in the very next chapter.

How do we show that we trust God? Every day we experience difficulties and trials that seem to go against what we thought God meant for us. We learn more about ourselves and we have a chance to grow in our trust of God through each circumstance.

What are the current trials that we are experiencing? How are we demonstrating our faith and trust in God during today’s trial? Today’s trials lead to tomorrow’s greater faith and trust.

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