Christian Devotional – July 28, 2023

The Coming Savior, Day 5

Challenges and difficulties. Read Exodus chapter 5.

It never fails that when someone starts following God and obeying him, they experience some of the hardest challenges of their entire life. So often, I’ve said that if you are not going through challenges and difficulties in the Christian life, then you’re not doing something right. Moses and the Israelite people were no different.

God gave Moses a command and Moses was obedient to that command. He went and asked pharaoh to release the people. However, nothing happened, at least not the way Moses was expecting it to. Pharaoh made things more difficult and harder for the Israelite people.

Living the Christian life, we should not expect to go through easy times all the time. The Christian life is a life of joy and a life of promise, but it is not a life of ease. Obedience to God comes with significant challenges from the devil each and every day. Are we continuing our obedience, even in the midst of challenges?