Christian Devotional – July 30, 2023

The Coming Savior, Day 7

Why the plagues? Read Exodus chapter 7.

I’ve often wondered why God went through the plagues with the Egyptians. God knew that Pharaoh was going to harden his heart. God knew what it was going to take to ultimately convince him to let the Israelites leave. So, why take the whole journey? Why not just go straight to the plague that was going to convince Pharaoh and move on?

God’s path that he takes is sometimes confusing and difficult to understand. However, there is purpose in the journey, not just the destination.

God used all of the different plagues to bring about change not just in the Egyptians, but in the Israelites as well. Also, the fact that Pharaoh was willing to let them go at the last plague was a result of the culmination of all of the plagues before it. God has a reason why he allows things in the certain order and with the specific timing that he does. We may not understand it, but God sees time differently than we do. He understands what he is going to do and knows with confidence that he’s going to do it. So, it’s not anything to wait a little bit for it.

What are we currently waiting on God for? What do we desire to see him do in our lives? There is a reason for God’s timing, even when it doesn’t match the timing we would like. Are we being patient in the waiting?